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Family Law Attorney in Yonkers, New York

Richard M. McGlynn, Attorney at Law, is a family law attorney in Yonkers, New York, specializing in wills, probate, and divorce law. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Wills & Probate
We help families sort through the wills of deceased family members. You can also count on us to prepare your final wishes in the form of a legal will. Ensure your final instructions concerning your property and your passing are followed by having your will prepared by a professional. We can also help you establish executors for the probate process.

Our staff works within the probate process in notifications and representation for you in hearings and other required processes.

Will, Family Law Attorney in Yonkers, NY

We can represent you as either plaintiff or defendant in a divorce case and will work hard to defend your rights of property and security in this sensitive situation. You can also count on us to assist in drafting separation agreements and other types of agreements.

Contact our law firm today in Yonkers, New York, to schedule an appointment with our family law attorney.