Estate Law Firm in Yonkers, NY

Attorney Richard McGlynn has the extensive knowledge and expertise to represent you in estate law. The future is inevitable and it's vital to have a plan in writing to avoid unforeseen legal battles that could occur. Events in life such as sickness, marriage, divorce, children, adoption and death occur every single day. However, sometimes the unforeseen happens and your rights and obligations are overshadowed because there was no plan to protect or help you.

That's why it's important to have an plan in writing to protect you and your family. At our law firm, we can walk you through the process and devise an estate plan just for you and your needs. An estate plan will ensure that you and your loved ones interest are protected.
Estate Planning — Estate Law in Yonkers, NY

Estate Services Include:

• Estate Planning
• Wills & Trusts
• Powers of Attorney
• Guardianships

For dependable legal counsel and representation in the area of estate law, contact Richard M. McGlynn in Yonkers, NY.