Landlord Representation in Yonkers, NY

At our law firm, we take pride in representing property owners and ensuring that your rights are protected. No matter if you own one or multiple apartment complexes, we can assist you in ensuring that your rights as a landlord are protected. It's very important to meet with an attorney to ensure that all contractional information between you and clients are iron clad, clear and will protect you in the worst case scenario.

When you meet with our legal firm, we can assist you in making sure that all important paperwork is in accordance with state law and is clear and concise. From the initial meeting with potential tenants to potential suits, we have you covered. We will review your rights and scenarios so that you are well prepared for the unthinkable.
Passing a set of Keys — Landlord Representation in Yonkers, NY
Landlords can count on the law firm of Richard McGlynn to assist with tenant problems in the Yonkers, New York, area. We provide swift and accurate representation to the courts on your behalf in evictions and other civil matters.